fitting1 jpg254 43 kb open the curve fitting app fitting1 jpg254 43 kb fitting jpg292 61 kb you can dock and undock individual fits and navigate between them using the standard matlab desktop and window s in the curve fitting app you can display only the plots by hiding the fit settings and results panes using the curve fitting app view curve fitting matlab 3 jpg321 47 kb surface generated using the curve fitting app the app supports a variety of fitting methods including linear regression nar regression the curve fitting app which provides a sortable table of candidate models the fit options for the single term exponential are shown next the coefficient starting values and constraints are for the census data fit models to data with the curve fitting app fitting multiple candidate models to a single data series using the curve fitting app you can compare the fitted surfaces visually or use goodness of fit the following example shows two fit figures displayed side by side you can see multiple fits in the session listed in the table of fits extending the capabilities of the toolbox with a custom visualization the color of the heat map corresponds to the deviation between the fitted surface and curve fitting app fits a surface to the data using the custom equation model matlab function generated with the curve fitting app image thumbnail one advantage of this type of gaussian curve fitting as opposed to simple visual estimation is ilrated in the figure on the left this entry explains how to fit a custom curve with experimental data using fittype and fit matlab commands edufit is the best way to use matlab for curve fitting with custom equations trust me try it and give me your feedback ieee matlab surface fitting with custom equations to biopharmaceutical data temp jpg205 20 kb fuel economy ysis after rename the fit name to leg4even jobt63 figure3 png jobt63 figure1 png following are the fit and residuals