how to build a wooden base for a shed you premium how to build a wooden shed base how to build a wooden shed base with wickes wooden shed base kit shed how to plan and build a base 6x4 wooden shed base wooden shed base all are ideal to prevent water collecting around the shed base and damaging the wooden structure of your shed building shed foundation options completed shed foundation and floor steel and timber frame base for garden shed heavy duty pressure treated timber base shed bases timber frames sheds bases how to build a garden shed onto a wooden shed base with wickes log cabin on a timber frame base with base pads how to build a concrete shed base a diy guide to laying a garden shed base diy doctor quality concrete base unloading a mini barn the mule for delivering barns 1 foundation blocks how not to lay a shed base it needs to be solid and level if you want your building to last building the frame of the base steel and timber framed base with decking extension framing out the walls is very similar to building the base it s the exact same process only we used regular 2 x 4s not pressure treated 10 x 8 wooden pressure treated garden shed portabase building the shed floor frame constructing a ramp for the shed building a diy shed our only goal was to fit the lawnmower inside so we kept it small using outdoor wood s be sure to check that it s square as you go post and beams foundation timber frame base pads install siding then raise shed walls solid concrete blocks base leave an additional 2 inches for the gravel or ground up brick the example is based on a 6 by 8 foot shed base that is 4 inches deep picture of pallet shed shed floor frame overhanging the foundation